The Blessings of Life: Health, Wealth and Wisdom!
Hello, for a brief description of my experience and other
tidbits about me, please go to the "About Us" page.

Although  I am a CPA and a tax advisor, I consider myself
to be more than just a bean counter.  This website is
dedicated to ti
dbits on what I consider to be the three pillars
of life blessings.   I will post links, quotes, stories, etc
dealing with health, wealth and wisdom.  A separate link
will be dedicated to each one of these much sought-after
pearls.  I will try to update these pages periodically,
hopefully on a weekly basis, to provide fresh insights.

In the old testament, Proverbs 4:7 says, "Wisdom is the
principal thing; therefore, get wisdom:  And with all your
getting, get understanding."  This tells us above all, wisdom
is to be most highly esteemed, because with wisdom, both
health and wealth can be acquired.  So, get wisdom!!

The information I am providing comes from life and
business experiences, and from things I have read, heard
or seen that inspire me.

It is my hope that you will enjoy my website and some of
the insights here, as we journey through this thing called
Jim C. Wu, CPA, MST
Tax & Business Consultant